As a ‘media sort’ with a particular specialism, I’ve been asked by a couple of outlets to “offer insight” on yesterday’s killings at French Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. To put it bluntly I can’t, and I won’t be touting comment beyond the words below until a more appropriate time. Frankly I expect there won’t be one. Yesterday’s act was one of […]


I felt out of the loop so just watched the Miley Cyrus MTV, urm, thing. Like a true reactionary I read three articles covering it in advance. It is all of the things the articles said, however not one of them, nor the plethora of tweets, Facebook posts & other such comments I read before […]

Female political prisoners in the Syrian town of Adra have entered their eighth day of indefinite hunger strike today in protest at their treatment in the Damascus Central Prison. The detainees demand the right to a fair trial, proper medical care and contact with family members. The Syrian Association for Human Rights commented that it […]

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Is everything you need to know about a film in the trailer? Trailer Theories are assumptions based on nothing more than a few watches of pre-release marketing trailers, glances at promo posters and assorted hype. Here, comic book heathen Donna looks at the trailer for the set-to-be huge summer superhero blockbuster, Man of Steel